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I enjoy providing services for all events, but weddings are my favorite!  Weddings give me the opportunity to not only get to know to different customers but also stay current with music trends and preferences. I know how to get the party started, and most importantly keep it going with all ages and backgrounds! Customer service is my top priority and I will do everything I can to ensure your complete satisfaction. If you are interested in acquiring any of my services, contact Fes Hat Entertainment today.




Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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Thank you for visiting our page, we are excited that you have come to our site and are considering our services.  I am an independent business owner and I came to United States in 2002 to help my underprivileged family to have a better life. I started off in America working low labor jobs and trying to make my way in my  new home. It was very hard in the beginning; learning a new language, make new friends and adapt to new culture.  I was able to take advantage of this land of opportunity and eventually graduate from George Mason University on a very emotional day in December 2015!  It has a goal of mine for many years to have my own business and I am so excited to be able to make that dream come true all while making others happy!